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According to's pursuit inclines, the Defense Housing Authority (DHA) is Karachi's most hunt area down individuals finding houses on rent.

Property in Karachi for Rent
The DHA's prominence in the investment and rental divisions is mainly because of its cutting edge advancement, security, investment security, development and promising investment returns. 
Most inhabitants like to try for the upper allotments on the grounds that they cost 25% not exactly the ground floor shares. That is a really alluring offer in light of the fact that you get to live in the rich region of DHA and pay a bit less. Here we will perceive how the property in Karachi for rents in DHA Karachi went up or down in the initial six months of 2014. 
The normal rent for the upper segment of a 125 square yard house in DHA Karachi is around Rs 55,000. This rent is 11% higher than it was toward the beginning of the year. This implies that the business has climbed and the rents in DHA are climbing truly quick. 
The rent for the upper bit of a 250 square yard house climbed around 10.7% since January and as of June 2014, the normal rent is presently around Rs 85,000. 
The rent for the upper bit of a 500 square yard house saw the most noteworthy spike, with an increase of 11.82%, it now remains at about Rs 123,000.

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